New Adventure and Commissioning

At the end of the month I will be laying down my paid Regional Ministry job, living by faith to follow a call to engage nationally, particularly inspiring and equipping people to missionally engage in new housing areas. I’m still a baptist minister recognised by the Baptist Union but a lot of what I am doing and will continue to do is ecumenically inclusive – much of it is as co-founder/co-director of The New Housing Hub. See

Prayers very welcome for this new venture. Thus far it has been very encouraging and there are lots of exciting things coming up in my new calling. I’ll still be living in a new housing area and pioneering locally too.

I’m having a Commissioning event which includes my SCBA farewell on 7th September 2.30-4.30 in Swindon which includes a shared meal and info about the different things I am involved with. It won’t be all sit and listen much will be chatting and engaging with stands (exhibits).

Harriet Colton will be overseeing this, let her know if you’d like to come – RSVP details are in the invitation.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting me on this journey. Do get in touch if you would like more details.

🙏💜#newadventure #calledtobless #everynewcommunity


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