The First Corona Christmas Stories

My daughter Harriet Colton has written 3 stories that we, at The Stowe Church, are using in our local neighbourhood during Advent to explain something of the message of Christmas. They are set in the present day in a context of the pandemic and called ‘The First Corona Christmas’.

The stories have been beautifully illustrated by Chloe Hill who is our intern at The Stowe this year. They are happy to freely share them more widely if they are of interest to others in sharing the message of Christmas. It’d be lovely to credit them if you do share and feedback any encouragement!

The First Corona Christmas 1 is about God Unmasked. We are also watching them each week when The Stowe Gathers, and I tied this in with a reflection on 2 Cor 3:12-18.

The First Corona Christmas 2 is God who is not (socially) Distant

When we gathered we tied this into ‘Immanuel – God with us’ and thought about how Jesus touched people. We contrasted what it felt like to touch a screen compared to touch flesh and imagined Jesus being God’s hand coming through the screen to actually touch us. My Co-Minister Owen Green led a reflection on Jesus washing the disciples feet. The children drew round their hands and we found 5 stories where Jesus touched people. We then used our fingers to remember the 5 words ‘Jesus is God with us’.

None of this is rocket science! But thought I’d share if it’s of interest.

We have not filmed film 3 yet but will post when it is released after next Sunday.

You can view the videos at


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